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  • Product name: Metal fiber burner
  • Product number: a07
  • 联系电话: 0731—88701028

Combustion Characteristics:
1) use of high temperature: 1100 ℃ (upper limit temperature 1250 ℃)
2) Load adjustment range:
Infrared burner mode: 100-800kw / m2
Blue flame combustion mode: 1000-10000kw / m2
3) small resistance:
Infrared burner mode: <50pa
Blue flame combustion mode: <200pa
4) Long life: 20000h
5) High radiation efficiency:> 50%
6) even burning
7) thermal inertia: fast heating and cooling
8) Thermal shock: dramatic changes in the thermal load will not cause damage to the material
9) resistance to mechanical shock: some mechanical impact no effect on the material
10) can be made into complex shapes burner

By Industry:
Infrared equipment pre-drying primer
Infrared coating is cured
Cans heat treatment
Tea fixing equipment infrared burner
Asphalt infrared heating plate

Application category:
Heating Technology and Application
Infrared heating technology and its application
Commercial infrared heating condensing boiler
Condensing water heater
Infrared drying
Outdoor heating
Energy-saving stove

Gas combustion knowledge and Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What are the key material metal fiber gas burners are?
The key material of the metal fiber gas burner used was a special iron chrome aluminum fiber diameter of about 30-50μm, this kind of fiber made by sintering or knitting special way the permeability of a material having a three-dimensional network structure can be used for metal fiber burner. Some special varieties can be long at about 1000 ℃ environment, the maximum short-time withstand temperature 1300 ℃. Through innovation, Hunan-owned key technology with special metal fiber yarn forming and yarn knitted pure metal, to fill the gaps, reached the world advanced level.
2. Gas premix combustion mode IR (infrared mode) and a blue flame mode (blue-flame mode) What are the characteristics?
1) IR combustion mode, the combustion on the inner surface of the metal fabric. In this case, the metal fabric is red-hot, the infrared radiation energy transfer by way outward. Like the sun, infrared radiation directly heating the heating object, less air heating, energy transmission distance is long, is an efficient way to transfer energy. Infrared Burner carrying combustion intensity is relatively low, according to the temperature change from orange to yellow surface combustion, combustion intensity may vary from 100kw / m2 to 800kw / m2.
2) Under the blue flame combustion mode, the combustion occurs on the surface of the metal fabric. In this case, the metal fabric has lower temperature at the surface of the metal fiber blue flame transfers energy outward through and air convection. When approximately 1000kw / m2 or more, the combustion occurs at the surface of the metal fabric, blue flame burner capable of carrying high combustion intensity.
3. The metal fiber gas burner compared to traditional high-pressure jet gas burners, What are the advantages?
1) conventional high-pressure jet gas burners diffusion combustion, and the metal fiber burner is fully premixed surface combustion, in excess air coefficient is small, burning more fully, thereby high thermal efficiency, low emissions and CO .
2) metal fiber burner flame is short and uniform, no local high temperature conventional jet burner, while low-intensity fire hole, significantly reduce Nox arising therefrom.
3) metal fiber burner significantly reduced combustion noise, the noise can be reduced flue, particularly suitable for use in residential areas.
4) Due to the compact premixed flame structure, therefore, we can use this advantage when designing the combustion chamber, the combustion chamber to reduce the size.
5) without having to adjust the combustion head can get a large proportion of the adjustment range.
6) especially at smaller output, metal fiber burner will use radiation heat transfer, heat exchange efficiency can be increased.
4. The metal fiber gas burner compared with the ceramic gas burner, What are the advantages?
1) it has a small thermal inertia, and therefore faster heating and cooling, a very short time to reach the infrared, temperature control while reflecting the sensitivity.
2) metal fiber burner has a larger load adjustment range, the thermal strength of 800kw / m2 IR mode can still achieve efficient combustion, while working in a ceramic gas burner heat intensity 300kw / m2 or more easily damaged.
3) because the metal fibers have a soft, impact-resistant properties, metal fiber burner can withstand dramatic changes in thermal load while being able to withstand certain mechanical shocks, has a better ability to adapt to the environment, safe for longer life .
4) easy to process, shape adaptable, metal fiber burner made for a variety of complex shape of the burner.
5. The metal fiber gas burner compared with metal mesh gas burner, what are the advantages?
1) having a smaller thermal inertia and therefore faster heating and cooling, a shorter time to reach the infrared, while reflecting the sensitivity temperature.
2) metal fiber burner has a larger load adjustment range, the thermal strength of 800kw / m2 IR mode can still achieve efficient combustion, and the metal mesh in gas burner heat intensity 300kw / m2 or more easily damaged.
3) Since the metal fiber burner stove fine pore fabric, while having a certain thickness and elasticity, lower metal fiber burner tempering propensity withstand thermal stress and high temperature creep damage greater capacity, thereby life longer.
6. The metal fiber gas burner can use those fuels?
For a variety of gaseous fuels, such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas.
7. The metal fiber gas burner can be used in any type of industry?
According to experience at home and abroad, it has been successfully applied in the asphalt heating equipment, kitchen equipment, large space heating, annealed material, drying equipment, printing equipment, food / pharmaceutical machinery, combustible gas harmless treatment, boilers and steam generators and all need the gas is converted to thermal energy equipment and systems.
8. The products and services we provide you? "To provide customers with excellent service, and grow together with customers" is our important approach.
Apart from a few standardized products has been established, can provide customers with personalized products and services, that is according to the customer's specific requirements of research and development, manufacture special metal fabric, stove or burner to meet specific process needs. Development of personalized burner needs to provide detailed background information on the device or system.
9. Information required customized products What?
1) to provide background information, such as production technology and process, the condition of material being processed, gas supply, electricity and other parameters;
2) to determine the two sides discussed the need to achieve.

The main technical parameters:

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