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Metal fiber burner


Metal fiber burner

Product description
[Product Description]
The key material used in metal fiber gas burner is special iron-chromium-aluminium fiber with a diameter of about 30-50 micron. By sintering or knitting the fiber into a special permeable material with three-dimensional network structure, it can be used in metal fiber burner. Some special varieties can be used for a long time in the environment of 1000 C, and the maximum can withstand the temperature of 1300 C for a short time. Compared with burners made of other materials, they have the following characteristics:
1) High service temperature: 1100 °C (upper limit temperature 1150° C)
2) Load adjustment range is large: infrared combustion mode: 100-800kw/m2; blue flame combustion mode: 1000-10000kw/m2
3) Low resistance: Infrared combustion mode: <50pa; Blue flame combustion mode: <200pa
4) Long service life: 20000h
5) Radiation efficiency: > 50%
6) Uniform combustion
7) Small thermal inertia: fast heating and cooling
8) Resistance to thermal shock: drastic changes in thermal load will not cause damage to materials
9) Resistance to mechanical impact: Certain mechanical impact has no effect on materials.
10) Can be made into complex burners
[Product Application]
The main application of asphalt pavement heating equipment, kitchen equipment, high space heating, material annealing, drying equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, food/pharmaceutical machinery, harmless treatment of flammable gas, boilers and steam generators, wall-hung boilers for domestic and commercial application,all the equipment and systems that need to convert gas into heat energy.
[Technical parameters]
The main technical specifications of the metal fiber burner are as follows:
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