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Metal Fiber Burner

Metal Fiber Burner


Metal Fiber Burner

Product description
The main material used in metal fiber gas burners is special iron-chromium-aluminum fiber with a diameter of about 30-50μm. The fiber can be used for sintering or knitting to make a special transparent material with a three-dimensional network structure for metal fiber burner. Some special varieties can be used in the environment of about 1000 °C for a long time, and can withstand a temperature of 1300 °C for a short time.
* High operating temperature: 1100 ° C (Highest temperature 1250 ° C)
* Large load adjustment range: Infrared combustion mode: 100-800kw/m2; Blue flame combustion mode: 1000-10000kw/m2
* Low resistance: infrared combustion mode: <50pa; blue flame combustion mode: <200pa
* Long lifetime: 20000h
* High radiation efficiency: >50%
* Burn evenly
* Thermal inertia: fast heating and cooling
* Thermal shock resistance: drastic changes in thermal load do not cause damage to materials
* Resistance to mechanical shock: a certain mechanical impact has no effect on the material
* Be made into various shapes of burners
It is mainly used for asphalt pavement heating equipment, kitchen equipment, large space heating, material annealing, drying equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, food & pharmaceutical machinery, flammable gas harmless treatment, boilers and steam generators,Wall-hung boilers for domestic and commercial application; all of these equipment and systems need to convert gas into heat.
Metal fiber fabric solutions
  Huitong has a complete set of production processes from metal fiber to high-temperature fabric and then to burner, which can provide the design of different kinds of metal fiber fabric and combustion head, and can meet the highly customized burner solutions; Metal fiber fabrics with different structures can ensure ideal heat insulation effect; Alloy containing rare earth elements give metal fiber fabrics excellent oxidation resistance and long service life.
Knitted continuous fiber fabric: Huitong patented products with 3D structure have a wider range of application
Knitted staple fabric: 3D structure, outstanding infrared radiation effect
Woven staple fabric: 2D structure, an economical solution 
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