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Conductive blended yarn


Conductive blended yarn

Product description
[Product Description]
There are three categories according to type: mixing strip, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic radiation.
The mixing strip is made of 50% stainless steel fiber and 50% chemical fiber.
The anti-static and conductive blended yarn is made of 0.7%-3% stainless steel fibers mixed with various chemical fibers, cotton and viscose fibers. Anti-static performance is long-term effective, not affected by the working environment, even at low temperature (dry) conditions, it also has excellent anti-static performance. There is no special requirement for washing conditions. It can be washed according to ordinary working clothes. After long-term repeated washing, it still maintains good anti-static performance. It has complete color, firm texture, good sweat resistance, comfortable wearing and good wearing performance.
The anti-electromagnetic radiation conductive blended yarn is composed of 10%-100% stainless steel fibers. The blended materials are chemical fibers, cotton and viscose fibers. Shielding efficiency is 20 to 70 dB, which is equivalent to 10,000 to 100,000 times energy attenuation. That is to say, the transmission is only 1 to 100,000 times of the incident amount. Fabrics not only have good electromagnetic shielding performance, but also good wearability. They are light, soft, breathable, firm and durable. They are comfortable to wear and easy to process. They can be processed and sewed with ordinary sewing machines and sewing threads. The washing method is the same as that of ordinary fabrics. After repeated washing, the shielding performance remains unchanged.
[Product Application]
Applied to anti-static non-woven fabrics and carpets; electrostatic protection of human body and equipment in flammable and explosive environment; electromagnetic shielding of human body and equipment.
[Technical parameters]

Stainless steel fiber content (%)





Anti shielding


High Voltage Live Working Clothing

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