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Metal Fiber Felt (Sintered Felt)

Metal Fiber Felt (Sintered Felt)


Metal Fiber Felt (Sintered Felt)

Product description
[Product Description]
The stainless steel sintered felt is made from the minimum diameter of 2um fibers through the main processes of air-laid netting, vacuum sintering and post-treatment. It has three-dimensional labyrinth structure, high porosity and filtration efficiency. The specialty equipment independently developed ensures the isotropy and uniform precision of the fiber felt. It has single or multi-layer structure and multi-layer structure. It has gradient filtering precision and improves the filtering efficiency, online life and strength of the fiber felt. Effectively make up for the vulnerability of metal mesh, and make up for the fragility and small flow of powder filter products. It has the characteristics of temperature and pressure resistance that ordinary filter paper and filter cloth can not match.
According to different materials and application fields, it can be divided into stainless steel sintered felt and iron-chromium-aluminium sintered felt.
[Product Application]
It is widely used in high temperature gas filtration, liquid filtration, printer cartridge, fuel and hydraulic oil filtration, condensation and fog removal, noise reduction and muffling, burner medium, diesel/automobile exhaust purifier medium, etc.
Stainless steel sintered felt is mainly used for chemical fiber polymer filtration to improve the processability of polymer and the quality of downstream products; for the membrane industry to reduce particulate impurities, improve the efficiency and quality of membrane drawing; viscose KK filter can filter out impurities in raw liquor, and can be regenerated online by reverse blowing.
Ferro-chromium-aluminium sintered felt is mainly used in diesel and gasoline particulate filter, domestic and industrial gas burners, car heaters, etc.
[Technical parameters]
Conventional products:
Different materials, different fiber diameters, different thicknesses, grams, layers, different sintering degree, size and so on, we can design according to your needs.
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